Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon From Stratosphere
In June, 2013, some students launched a weather balloon over the Grand Canyon. They attached a GoPro camera and smartphone with GPS capabilities. The balloon climbed to its maximum of 18 and half miles, then bust, falling back to Earth. They lost the balloon.
Grand Canyon Found to be Younger Than Previously Thought
The debate over the age of the Grand Canyon has been going on for over 140 years. Karl Karlstrom, a geologist at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, thinks the debate is over. He and his team used dating methods to study rocks from the Grand Canyon and think it is much younger than previous…
National Parks in Need of Repair but Money is Being Wasted
We were all upset during the government shutdown that the National Parks were closed and it was right to be upset. But a new report from Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn on National Parks wasting money is even more upsetting.  Many parks are in need of repair with a maintenance backlog of $2 billion…