Haunted Places in Maine
If you like to be scared, and who doesn’t, here is a list of places in Maine that is a ‘Tour of Terror’ to check out. Some of the creepiest and scariest places in the state. Perfect if you're looking for a scary Halloween. Here are a few on the list.
The Story Behind The Haunted Boothbay Opera House
From Jackson Browne to Dave Mason, The Boothbay Opera House has been the setting to some great concerts the last few years. But is it haunted?
According to the website onlyinyourstate.com, if you are in the Opera House at the right time of night, the feeling can become far more eerie than what …
Advertised as ‘Slightly Haunted’ House for Sale in Pa.
Mentioned this on the morning show, there is a 113 year old house for sale in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, that is advertised as ‘slightly haunted’. The homeowners, Sandi and Gregory Leeson want to sell the house because they are ‘thoroughly creeped out’ by thei…
Sharon Experienced Ghosts!
It's Halloween! BOOOOOOOOOOO!
I know alot of people who have close encounters with the other side. I thought I might share a few stories of my own because I believe in ghosts!
Some experiences have been creepy...some I took in stride.
See for yourself!