Maine Third Worst State to Make a Living
There have been a lot of top 10 lists lately from food to sightseeing to living. This list is going to take a look at the bottom of a list instead of the top. These are the 3 worst states to make a living and Maine is in there.
Maine’s Gambling Addiction Ranked 39th in the Country
Whether we like it or not, gambling exists in every state, even in states where it’s illegal some form of gambling is played. Betting on sports games to making a $5 bet you are right about a movie. In Maine gambling is legal and we seem to have things under control.
Maine Third Worst State to Make a Living
Maine came in as the third lowest state to make a living according to MoneyRates.com. The biggest negative for Maine is workplace accidents, illnesses and injuries. Maine tied for the highest in the nation.
Randy’s College Bowl Wrap Up
Two College Bowl game play the day before Christmas, the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl and the Hawaii Bowl. One was much more exciting and close than the other, here’s the wrap up.
Webcams Attached to Sharks to Better Understand Them
Marine biologists at the University of Hawaii and the University of Tokyo have attached webcams to the fins of sharks in the hope to study their habits. Thirty sharks of various types were fitted with the webcams that include a camera, sensors and VHF transmitters.
The Pineapple is Not Originally From Hawaii
We were eating a pineapple the other day and I started wondering if they originated in Hawaii or came from somewhere else, they came from somewhere else. Pineapples are a big part of the Hawaiian economy and the soil and climate are perfect for growing them, but they came from South America.
The World’s Most Romantic Islands
This has been one cold week. As I look outside it is a little warmer than is has been and sunny, but still darn chilly. That started me dreaming about being on a beach with a little umbrella drink. I am not picky, any on this list will do. My top picks would be Italy and Greece. What is not to love?