Hello Kitty

A New ‘Hello Kitty’ Piece for Renee’s Collection
I have 'gallery' of Hello Kitty things growing in my office space.
Currently, it is mostly made up of Pez dispensers.  Well, say hello to the new Hello Kitty Pez. Thanks to my car husband Al Southerland and his wonderful real life wife Sue for my new kitty. Al and Sue own ACAR, Al&apos…
Renee’s Hello Kitty ‘Happy Meal’ Toy
I am not sure where it came from, but someone left me a Hello Kitty Happy Meal toy. But, THANK YOU! I LOVE Happy Meal toys.  I still have all my McDonald's Teenie Beanie Babies. Yes, I drove from store to store to get my collection. CoffeeDog and I had a lot of burgers back …
Happy Birthday, Miss Jayden!
Here's to a little lady with spunk, smarts and dimples!
I met Chad just over a year ago and I was able to meet his 2 wonderful kids about a month into our relationship. It was amazing how well Anderson, Bradley and Jayden all got along. It was like they were friends for a long time!
The Feztival of Trees
I always love doing something I've never done. I did that last night. I went to the seventh annual Feztival of Trees at the Kora Shrine Temple in Lewiston. What an incredible spectacle!