Eight and a Half Months Pregnant and Bags a Moose
Ashley Switzer from Homer, Alaska, looked in her freezer and noticed there wasn’t any meat, so she decided what better way to get meat than to go hunting. It was early September and she was home alone because he husband was off working on a fishing boat about 130 miles away.
Awesome Deer Cam!
I know deer hunting season isn't coming back for a while. It doesn't mean we can't get our fill of watching deer another way!
Chad and I often go on this site just see the what the deer are doing at this particular feeder. We get our daily dose. Chad even once saw the 18 wheeler truck …
The Number of Women Hunters on the Rise
The number of women hunters has gone up in the last 6 years by 25% since 2006. More and more women in the U.S. are spending time in the deer stand and tree blind. Many outdoor companies are stocking more and more women’s apparel and accessories to meet the demand.
Maine Deer Hunting Season Starts Nov. 2!
You've been waiting all year for this! This week, you've been cleaning your gun, finding your heat packets for your boots and hands, siting your rifle, heading to Hussey's to buy ammunition, dousing things with 'deer in heat' scents...
You're a hunter.
And proud of it!
Maine Any Deer Permit Lottery Winners Announced!
As Chad would say: If it's brown, it's down!
That's how Chad and many hunters are feeling today after they found out they are the recipients of the Any Deer Permit for the state of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and WIldlife.
Yes, of course, they want the unattainable 20 point buck but even if h…
To Hasenpfeffer or Not To Hasenpfeffer?
To many people, hunting is either black or white. It's either "Don't hurt the pretty little animals" or "KILL! KILL! KILL!"
I'm more in the grey area. There aren't many of us, but we do exist.
When Chad decided to start rabbit hunting again, I wa…

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