ice cream

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Says About You
With National Ice Cream month going on Baskin-Robbins found an expert to tell what your favorite ice cream says about you. The expert took into consideration smell and taste to complete a list about your personality. Don’t take this too seriously though.
There’s an App to Summon Ice Cream Trucks
You always hear ‘there’s an app for that’. Maybe there is 'an app for that', because now there’s a app for smart phones that will summon an ice cream truck. It’s an Uber app that was a special promotion this past Friday …
-15 Below? Let’s Make Ice Cream!
For Christmas, Chad's mom, Jackie Hood, gave me the ULTIMATE gift! I've always wanted one and I couldn't believe what I saw when I took off the wrapping paper! AN ICE CREAM MAKER! Oh, this is going to be a yummy 2013.
Baskin-Robbins Now Offering Ice Cream Nachos
You can call them by their proper name, “Waffle Chip Dippers,” all you want. Those, friends, are ice cream nachos. Baskin-Robbins is selling them at select locations for $2.99, which is significantly less than the cost of nachos that aren’t made out of ice…