Hot Soda Comes to Japan
Canned hot tea and canned hot coffee are popular in Japan and the latest ‘hot’ canned item that is all the rage is ‘soda’. It is the first soda to be served hot not cold. Drinking warm soda may not sound good to us but in Japan they like hot things in a ca…
Blinking May Let Your Brain Rest
It’s been known for some time that when people blink it’s to moisten their eyeball. It's something the body does without us thinking about it. New research in Japan suggests blinking does more than that by putting the brain in a temporary ‘safe&CloseCurlyQu…
Tuna Sells For a Cool $1.76 Million Dollars
It's a story that should make everybody want to invest in a fishing boat. A 489 pound bluefish tuna caught off the coast of Japan has just been sold for $1.76 million during an auction at Toyko's Tsukiji fish market.
Pepsi Launches A Fat-Fighting Soda In Japan
Pepsi Special, a new drink distributed by Pepsi's partner in Japan, Suntory Holdings Limited, contains dextrin, a dietary fiber that dissolves in water and is found in fiber supplements such as Benefiber. Pepsi claims that the new drink can fend off fat. But is a healthy soda an oxymoron?
Japanese Burger King Offers All-You-Can-Eat Burger And Fries
Japan, you confuse us so. First you tell us about Pepsi Special, which actually makes you lose weight. Today we find out that Burger King Japan offers an all-you-can-eat deal. What do you want from us?! Stop with the mixed messages!
The promotion, which is in celebration of the fifth a…

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