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Do You Dream Of A White Christmas?
We've all sang the Christmas carol 'I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas', but do you really mean it? I am a native Mainer and I really have never been a big fan of snow. Yes, I use to love to go sledding when I was a kid, we'd go behind the Cote's house on Pettingill Stre…
Album Spotlight: Joe Nichols, ‘Crickets’
'Crickets' is a fine way to describe Joe Nichols' new album. The singer aims for a relax-on-the-riverbank vibe with many of the mid-tempo cuts on this project. The album begins and ends with crickets ( literally), and in between it offers a fairly level ride.
Joe Nichols Announces New Album, ‘Crickets’
With the lead single 'Sunny & 75,' fans of Joe Nichols have been eagerly anticipating an upcoming album from the deep-voiced country singer. Now, they have a date to look forward to, as Nichols has announced the release date for his forthcoming 'Crickets' album.

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