Bill to Arm Maine’s Forest Rangers Moves Forward
Officers in every other branch of natural resources law enforcement in Maine are trained annually and armed.
They carry to protect themselves, and others as they go about enforcing Maine's laws.
Forest Rangers enforce Maine's laws too, and even though their jurisdiction is the state's t…
MPBN’s New State House TV Channel Starting Soon
Legislative leaders have said OK to Maine Public Broadcasting Network and expanding State House coverage. It should be kind of like a local version of C-SPAN. The idea was approved by the House and Senate leaders. The free, over-the-air MPBN State House TV channel is devoted exclusively to coverage …
The Lawmakers are Back on the Job in Augusta
The Maine Legislature has reconvened and is getting back to work. They have a lot to look at this session. However, there is still not a change in the stalemate between Democratic legislative leaders and Republican Gov. Paul LePage, who's declined to meet with them.