Maine In One Photo
It's the time of year where we earn our tag "Vacationland." People flock here to indulge in lobster, hike many of our trails, and bask in the sunshine on the rocky coast. Over the last few weeks, I've seen the hash #iliveinapostcard more than once. Yet, is the above what …
The Top 10 Concerts Thread
This one's all over FB. I shot mine yesterday, and no one has been able to guess.
What'cha got? Share your list in the comments below!
Tell Us What Little Things That Irritate You
This list could get long, I am talking about little everyday things that irritate you. For me, one thing around the radio station that irritates me is when someone doesn't reset the clock on the microwave. Especially when there is only a few seconds left, why couldn't you just let the extr…
What’s Maine’s Fastest Growing Fast-Food Chain?
The website has complied a cool list of the fastest growing fast-food chains in each of the fifty U.S. states. Their research was from the third quarter of 2015 and fourth quarter of 2015. They requirements also included that each must have at least 40 locations nationwide. Each must h…
The Ten Most Boring Places In Maine
I live by the motto that 'boring is underrated'. If you think about boring means quiet, peaceful, predictable, things I actually strive for in my life. So when I found this list of the 'Ten Most Boring Places In Maine' on road snacks dot net, I would take this as a compliment! He…
Deer And Car Collisions: See Where Maine Ranks
Maine has a large deer population, we also have several rural towns and roads. That might lead you to think that Maine would rank high on a list of deer and car collisions. However, Maine ranks right in the middle at 23 out of 50.

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