Maine Gas Prices Inching Higher
Maine gas prices rose by just over a penny a gallon this past week to an average of $3.53 a gallon. That's according to the price-monitoring website, which surveys more than 1,200 Maine gas stations.
Maine Gas Prices Drop
Maine gas prices are down a nickel over the past week to an average over just $3.51 a gallon. While that is good news, the cost of gas is about 12 cents higher than a year ago. Maine's average gas prices are just a penny higher than the national average.
Maine Gas Prices Remain Steady
Summer officially begins this Friday, that means summer vacations to camp, the beach, hiking and using more gas. Good news, gas prices in Maine are holding steady, as we head towards the first day of summer.
Maine Gas Prices Unchanged This Week
As Mainers take to the road as the weather warms up, some good news, gas prices remained stable this week. The gas monitoring website,, reports that a gallon of gas in Maine is at $3.56 a gallon.
Maine Gas Prices Up Slighly
The summer driving season is officially underway and gas prices in Maine are starting to rise. According to the gas price monitoring website, the cost of a gallon of gas in Maine rose this past week by just over one cent to $3.57.
Maine Gas Prices Inch Down
Gas prices in Maine inched lower by one penny a gallon this week, according to the gas monitoring website, The average price for a gallon of gas in Maine is now at $3.48 a gallon.
Maine Gas Prices Fall By 2 Cents Per Gallon
After what seemed like an endless climb in gas prices, they actually fell 2 cents this week in Maine, according to the price monitoring website The average price per gallon in Maine is now $3.80. How does that compare with New England and the rest of the country?