Best Wedding Proposal!
You may have seen the BEST Wedding Proposal on YouTube. It has over 19,000,000 views!
She DID say yes....
But do you know what happened AFTER?
Find Love in 2013? You Can!
Being a single mom and having been would think that putting myself out there to find someone to share my life would be a scary thing to do.
Well, you are right. It is scary.
First Year of Marriage the Hardest
According to a new study in Australia, the first year of marriage is the most difficult for new couples to get through. The study by Deakin University’s 'Australian Centre on Quality of Life' measured the happiness of 2000 people and found couples in their first year of marriage rated it very low at…
Randy’s Parents Celebrate 64th Anniversary
I wasn’t going to mention this but the more I thought about it the more impressive it is. My parents, on October 6th, celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary being married in 1948. Most couples don’t stay together that long for a variety of reasons. Some die before they reach that milestone, some …