New York Parking Space Goes for $1 Million
It costs bi bucks money to park a car in New York City and a private parking garage costs even more. The city’s first million dollar parking space is now up for sale. It’s in a private garage a 66E.11th St.
Attending a Wedding? Pay For Your Own Meal
It may not be a new trend but it something new that is happening at weddings, ‘pay-to-eat’. The age old tradition of the bride’s family paying for the wedding and the groom’s family paying for the booze may be a thing of the past.
The Making of Frozen Coming to ABC
The hit movie Frozen is making its way to network TV, not the movie itself but the making of the movie. On September 2, ABC will air a special called The Story Of Frozen: Making A Disney Animated Classic.
Family of 17 Wins New Jersey Lottery
Sometimes winning the lottery jackpot couldn’t happen to better people and that the case for the Enderson family. There are 17 siblings in the family and they just won the New Jersey lottery worth $20 million. It was a dream of their deceased mother to win the lottery, and they final…
Fewer American’s Carrying Paper Money
There always has been talk of a cashless society and these days one In ten American’s no longer carry paper money. A Survey by Princeton Survey Research Associates International found 49 percent carry less than $20 and 78% less that $50
Some of the Richest People Who Inherited Their Money
There are quite a few billionaires in the world; some have worked hard to amass their fortune, others have been lucky enough to inherit theirs. Here is a list some of those billionaires that have not had to work a day in their life but since they received their money have done some good with it.
Are YOU Missing Money? Find Out HERE!
Yesterday, I was thinking that I could use a little more money. That's when I remembered the old Oprah Winfrey episode when she gave all these people in the audience BIG checks of the money they had found online that they had no idea was owed to them.
Remember that one?
Well, I went to the websit…

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