Morning Buzz

Walmart Online Offers…Caskets?
Um.... WHAT???
Yes,  it's true!
Randy and I were talking earlier about funeral homes opening shop in malls across America.
Then a phone call from a listener blew us away!
Caption This Cat! Randy Already Did!
This my friend April Paul's cat, Max. Thanks for letting us use your photo, April! It's so funny! She snapped this picture this morning and I showed it to Randy. THIS was the caption Randy thought of:
Sharon Frustrated with Overseas Insurance Calls!
Everyone knows when I leave the studio at B98.5, I head home for lunch and it's off then to my second job. I work at Kennebec Behavioral Health as a Managed Care Coordinator Assistant.
My job is to call insurance companies to verify insurances on clients and obtain authorizations for them if they are…
Soldiers Come Home
If you haven't seen the video circulating the need to.
And grab some tissues.
It's a compilation of the many soldiers coming home and surprising their families.
If you don't feel're not American.
What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
For those of you still on your New Year's resolution to lose weight, this is pretty cool to watch.
Have you ever wondered what 200 calories looks like?
In this video you can see the difference!

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