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Homemade Ornaments Are the Best!
I have ornaments hanging on my tree just like everyone else. I have the ones I bought 20 years ago that are made of glass and, every once in a while, break.
But the ones I hold dearest to my heart are the ones that are handmade by the ones I love.
Do you hang them too?
2014: Where Would You Like to Travel To?
I wouldn't consider myself a world traveler. Yes, I have been to Alaska, Italy and Australia but there are so many more places I would LOVE to see!
Chad and I are planning to honeymoon in Nashville. I have been there twice...but the only things I've seen there is the ice arena and the Randy Travis st…
USPS Wants Kids to Write Postcards
I went to the post office in Clinton yesterday to get the stamps for sending my Christmas cards. I loved the different options they have every year for the Christmas stamps. This year they had poinsettias and gingerbread houses. But what caught my eye was on the counter next to the boxes.
Rt 4 in Turner Woman in White…A Legend or Real?
While driving to Brad's basketball practice in Auburn from Chad's parent's house in Turner, we have to travel Route 4. When I started dating Chad and would travel out to see his parents he would say "Be careful on Route 4. It's the most treacherous piece of road in the state. There have been so…
2013 Wreaths Across America Truck Convoy from Maine!
Wreaths Across America Day was Saturday. It is where 100,000 wreaths are laid at the graves of soldiers in Arlington National Cemetery and many other cemeteries. The Escort to Arlington started December 8th in Harrington.
Hundreds of trucks donate their time and diesel to transport the wreaths to the…
16 Year Old Sounds JUST LIKE ELVIS!
I didn't believe it til I heard it myself!
Check out this 16 year old boy, David Thibault, who is the BEST young Elvis Presley impersonator I have ever heard! He sings 'Blue Christmas'!
Sharon Remembers the True Meaning of Christmas
Each year I watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special for the same scene. It makes me tear up to hear what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is all about from the mouth of the animated character of Linus, Charlie Brown's best friend.
When Charlie Brown asks if anyone knows what Christmas is all about, th…

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