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Try This Natural Flea Remedy – It Really Works!
This weekend my husband and I rescued two kittens that had been abandoned.  Being the cat lovers that we are, we couldn't turn them away.  These poor kitties were clearly malnourished and infested with fleas.  They are about 6 weeks old.
Save The Skowhegan Drive-In
The Red Barn Cares Foundation is producing a series of fund raisers to help the Skowhegan Drive-In, if the drive-in can't raise the money to go digital, they will have to close at the end of this season. With the help of Stephen King, archival copies of his films Christine, Pet Sematary and The Shin…
Sharon’s Goodbye, DONATE TODAY
With Friday being my last day, I wanted to go out the way an employee of B98.5 would want to:
By giving back to the community.
I want to help the Pine Tree Camp one last time...but I can't do it without YOUR HELP!

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