Morning Buzz

Gifford’s Giving Away Free Ice Cream TONIGHT!
YAY!!  It MUST mean Spring is coming soon!
Gifford's in Auburn, Bangor, Farmington, Skowhegan and Waterville is giving away a FREE small cone between 6-8pm.
Bring the family but, remember, there are LOTS of people who are going to go. So PLEASE be patient!
Orca Whales Chase Speed Boat
Have you seen the video?
Had I been the person videotaping the encounter, I would have been in awe.
I know they were! Can you imagine THIS happening to YOU?
Girl Juggles Basketballs With Her Feet!
You know how some things just pop out at you when you are looking at Facebook?
Yup. This one was CRAZY!
I mean, who even thinks about trying to attempt this?
Apparently, some people have a lot of time on their hands....or feet!
Teens: Be Careful! Your Teacher Reads Your Tweets!
Modern media is pretty simple to understand.
The problem is teenagers don't think older people, like their teachers, can learn or use things like Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.
But....yes. Yes, we can!
And we LOOOOOVE reading what you write about us!
Sharon and Chad’s Wedding Cake Has Been Selected!
It's only 96 days away and while at dinner Saturday night, Chad asked me what else we needed to do for the wedding.
It's great to have a fiance willing to help with a wedding!
Well, we still have a lot to do. At least we have decided on a cake!
Sharon Has a New Family Member!
Anderson had a big question to ask us on the way home from Nama and Grandpa's yesterday.
"Mama, can we please stop at Petco and get me a hamster? Bradley and Jayden have one. I'd like one, too!"
Chad and I looked at each other.
Here we go....

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