Hallowell Man Killed In Motorcycle Crash in Augusta
State Police say a Hallowell man died this morning when he lost control of his motorcycle in Augusta.
According to Maine Department of Public Safety Spokesman Steve McCausland,  Edward Lingley, 33, was traveling too fast as he exited I-95 and the bike slid on a sharp curve, and then struck the t…
NSFW: A Holy Crap Moment
Here is what I like to call a 'Holy Crap' moment. It's a close call, a near miss, an almost got injured moment. Depending on how you look at it the guy was lucky or unlucky to be in the situation in the first place.
Cool Dad Lets 6-Year-Old Son Drive Harley On The Open Road [VIDEO]
I can remember when I was a kid riding on my dad's motorcycle. He had a Yamaha bike, and I can still recall the blue gas tank that he would put me on. I would grab the middle of the handlebars just like the kid in this video is doing.
My dad never really took me very far, usually just around the…
Motorcyclist Recues Kitten
Here’s a cute video of a motorcyclist wearing a helmet cam that show him rescuing a kitten. This happened in Oklahoma at a busy intersection.
Man Swerves Car to Intentionally Wreck Motorcycle
Road rage is a big problem in this country, it's crazy! Here's a video of a motorcycle driver being hit by a car that intentionally swerves his car into path of the cycle wrecking it. Granted, it was a no passing zone but there no reason for this kind of stuff.
Red Barn Benefit for Augusta Police Chief, Robert Gregoire, Today!
This past summer while riding a motorcycle to raise money for the Shriner's Children's Hospital, our Augusta Police Chief, Robert (Bob) Gregoire, was seriously injured in an accident.
While the chief's wife, Cathy, along with Sgt. Chris Shaw, were also injured in the two bike crash, it…