After “Lobstah,” What’s Next?
It's the time of year when the roads are clogged with out of state visitors. Many of us have entertained friends and family, and there's always the inevitable first question: As a prepared Mainer, you have a token answer for them, and take them out for a good time. Thing is, they're around for more …
Things That are Unique to Maine
There are some things that are unique to Maine, things you probably won’t be able to find or do in any other state. Even if there are some things you can find in other states, but it won’t be the same as what you would get in Maine.
Destination Maine: 33rd Annual Moxie Festival This Weekend In Lisbon
It’s a tradition in Maine and it’s certainly an acquired taste, I am talking about Moxie. It’s a soft drink that will bring strong reactions from people who have tried it. It was created in 1876 by Dr. Augustin Thompson in Lowell, Massachusetts. It was originally marketed as a panacea that would cur…
[VIDEO] Reactions of People Drinking Moxie Soda
The annual Moxie Festival is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Lisbon and Lisbon Falls. Moxie became the official soft drink of Maine on May 10, 2005 and was created in 1876 by Dr. Augustin Thompson, who was born in Union, Maine.