This Little Piggy
I have an older brother and I want a pet pig. These two things should have little to do with each other but as brothers tend to do, he's torturing me with the fact that he just bought a litter of young pigs for his farm that I didn't even know he had.
Pig Virus May Lead to Bacon Shortage
A virus that scientists believe came from China has killed millions of baby pigs and it may push the price of pork up by 10%. The virus is not harmful to humans or other animals, but is deadly to baby pigs and had already spread to 27 states. No one knows how it got into the country or how it spread…
Feral Pig Population Growing at an Alarming Rate
The wild pig population in America is going wild; all across the country the population of feral pigs is growing at an alarming rate, doubling in size in just 20 years. It’s hard to be exact on the number of wild pigs but it was estimated 20 years ago the population was somewhere bet…
Somerset County Jail Opens Piggery
This little piggy went to market, this little piggy went to jail? Well, kind of, there is a new program at the Somerset County Jail , where pigs will be raised for food and will offer an path for inmates to work outside and gain a new skill.
Swine Slurry the Worst Smell in the World
Dr. George Preti is a ‘stink’ expert, from body odor to farm odor. He studies it all. In the mid-80’s he discovered how male and female armpit odors influence a women’s menstrual cycle. He has also discovered ‘swine slurry.’…