New High School Won’t Be Named Obama
A new elite high school in Chicago was to be named after President Barack Obama but that will not happen. Mayor Rahm Emanuel thought it would be a good idea but after on going complaints from African-Americans, they will look for another name.
Darth Vader Running for President of Ukraine
With Crimea being taken over by Russia the country of Ukraine is trying to restore glory to their nation. To the rescue (or maybe not) Darth Vader is running for President, the unanimous choice of the (UIP) Ukrainian Internet Party.
Some Fun Facts About George Washington
With Washington’s Birthday coming up on February 22, here some interesting facts about the country’s first President. He was actually born on February 11, 1731, but shortly after the Gregorian calendar came into effect his birthdate (which he celebrated) became Februa…
Presidential Limo is Filled With Wrong Type of Fuel
Anyone that drives a car knows the kind of gas to put in it, right? Wrong! President Obama is in Israel and where the President goes so does his limo, but the last time his limo was seen, it was on the back of a tow truck heading to the repair shop. The Cadillac the President has is no ordinary car …
Venezuela Will Not Embalm Dead President Hugo Chavez, After All
Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, died on March 5 this year and the word from the acting President of the county was that his body would be put on permanent display in the states capital, but those plans have changed. Ernesto Villegas, the Information Minister said the initial plans have chan…

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