Randy McCoy

Boy Born With Four Arms and Legs
Paul Mukisa was born on May 27 with a condition known as ‘parasitic twinning’, its where one twin is not fully developed. Paul had two legs and arms from his brother that never fully grew. Paul was the host body so he had four arms and legs.
Violinist Plays While Being Operated On
A world class violinist, who played with the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, was forced to stop playing when a neurological disorder made her shake uncontrollably. Naomi Elishuv recently learned of a surgery that could help her with the shaking.
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up
Week 3 of college football had #1 Florida State with a bi-week and there were only two teams in the top twenty-five that played each other. There was a bit of an upset in that game and another upset in the top ten. Here we go:
ChapStick Banned From School
An 11 year old girl from Stuarts Draft elementary School in Virginia was not allowed to use ChapStick when her lips became chapped. In fact, none of the students in the school are allowed to use ChapStick, it is deemed ‘inappropriate’.
Recall Record for Swedish Automaker
When most auto companies have a recall for safety problems its in the area of 40 million or so. Swedish automaker, Koenigsegg, has set a new record for recalls, one car. They are recalling only one car setting a record for recalls.
The Chairless Chair
It’s called ‘The Chairless Chair’ because it’s nothing like your traditional chair. It doesn’t actually touch the ground and it’s a chair you wear. It’s a mobile exoskeleton that allows you to sit a…
Tom Cruise in Top Gun 2 Coming Soon
It’s been almost 30 years since Tom Cruise stared in ‘Top Gun as Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell. Top Gun 2 is getting close to becoming a reality with Cruise back again as its star.
New Book: DNA Identifies Jack the Ripper
One of the biggest murder mysteries that has gone unsolved since the late 1880’s, may have been solved. Jack the Ripper, who brutally killed and mutilated five women in 1888, may have been identified using DNA evidence.
No Plans for an Ironman 4
Robert Downey Jr., star of Ironman 1, 2 and 3, says there are no plans for an Iron Man 4. Recently at the Toronto International Film festival promoting his movie ‘The Judge’, Downey confirmed Marvel was not thinking of making a 4th installment of the franchise.

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