Randy McCoy

Trucking Industry Needs Drivers
Seventy per cent of deliveries in the U.S. are made by trucks, everything from food to online shopping orders but, there is truck driver shortage in the country right now. The shortage is more noticeable now that the economy is coming back but even before the economy went in the tank there was a dri…
Giant Shrimp Caught of the Coast of Florida
Off the coast of Fort Pierce, Florida, a fisherman caught a shrimp that wasn’t your average sized shrimp. It’s a massive size shrimp that is being called a ‘mantis shrimp’ and was pulled off the hook by its back like a lobster.
Rocky 7 On the Way
Could Rocky 7 be on the way? Yes, yes it can. It will be a Rocky story that will follow Apollo Creed’s grandson wanting to take up boxing and eventually being trained by Rocky (Sylvester Stallone).
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up
Here’s the college football wrap up for week 2. Let’s see how the top 5 fared and any upsets in the top 20. The top 5 in college football did what was expect and the all won but there was a big upset in the top 10 which we’ll get too.
Air Force Says No to New Camo Design
The U.S. Army will adopt a new camouflage pattern next year replacing the current pixilated patterned that came out in 2004. While the Army will have the new camouflage the U.S. Air Force will not. The fly boys decided to keep their tiger-striped pattern.
Dog Swallows 43 Socks
When a Portland, Oregon couple’s Great Dane was not feeling well they rushed him to the vet and found the problem. The dog had 43 socks in its stomach, socks it ate over time, which the owners had no idea, and building up in his stomach causing him not to able to swallow.
Queen of England Says No to Selfies
The Queen of England has weighed in on selfies; she finds them disconcerting and strange. She believes that selfies take away from the value of human contact and thinks they are an example of bad manners. She was basically saying she misses eye contact.
Bloodhounds, Born Trackers
Bloodhounds are the only animal whose evidence is admissible in a court of law. This amazing dog has 230 million scent receptors making it a tracking machine.  One of the most famous bloodhounds was from Kentucky, Nick Carter.
Superman Comic Sells For $3.2 Million
A rare copy, and in excellent condition, of Superman’s first appearance in a comic book recently sold for $3.2 million. It was Action Comics No.1 from 1938 that sold on eBay for the record price. The same type of high quality comic book was sold in 2011 for $2.1 million.

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