Randy McCoy

Bathrooms.com Makes Chocolate Bathroom
Bathrooms.com has made a bathroom that is over 8 million calories. Say What? The bathroom is made of 100% pure Belgian chocolate and was made for a chocolate company in the U.K. called Choccywoccydoodah. It came about after an Bathrooms.com Executive noticed many people misspelled ‘suite&Close…
Twinkies Closing Illinois Plant
Remember all the protests when Twinkies were taken off the market because the company that owned them was going out of business. Twinkies made a comeback but Hostess will be closing the bakery in Schiller Park, Illinois.
Save The Skowhegan Drive-In
The Red Barn Cares Foundation is producing a series of fund raisers to help the Skowhegan Drive-In, if the drive-in can't raise the money to go digital, they will have to close at the end of this season. With the help of Stephen King, archival copies of his films Christine, Pet Sematary and The Shin…
Who Stole Randy and Sharon’s Cookies?
Randy and I were the lucky recipients of 2 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies on Friday. There was a box of Lemonades and a box of Peanut Butter Patties.
We were overjoyed!!!!
Until this morning.
Sharon and Randy at the Snow Ball
There aren't many times Randy and I get to hang out after work. Sure, we do remotes together and we've been to our fellow employees weddings, but we never get to hang out.
But we did Saturday night!
And it was fun!
‘Tanks’Giving Made WABI-TV Last Night
When I knew that 'Tanks'giving was coming up, I wanted to make sure the entire state of Maine was able to know about it. Our station reaches 160,000 in our listening area and everyone has been spreading the word around and tuning in to see how our food drive is going.
Well, I decided to mak…
Cable Repairman Saves Two Lives in One Week
Vincent Ceniseroz works for Comcast Cable in Capitola, California, fixing internet systems and television cable. But lately he has been in the business of saving lives, not once, but twice. The 53 year old works around the Santa Cruz County area and a week ago saved a man who had a diabetic attack a…
The Top 10 NBA Players for the 2013-2014 Season
As we get ready to start another NBA season, the rankings are out as to who the top 10 players are going into the season. The season gets underway Wednesday, October 30th. The Boston Celtics are in a rebuilding year but their first game is against the Toronto Raptors on the 30th. On the same day, th…

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