Randy McCoy

The Boston Red Sox are the Chosen Team
Now that the Red Sox are headed back to the World Series there are all types of story lines to go with the team, but here’s one you may not have heard. The Boston Red Sox are the ‘chosen’ team.  They are the official baseball team of Jewish people. It goes …
This May Tell You if a House is Haunted
Usually if a house is haunted it means someone died there and doesn’t want to leave, there’s a web site that can tell you if the house is haunted, sort of. The site let’s you know if someone died in the house so you can determine if the house has ghost…
Some Wacky Holidays to Celebrate This Week
Some strange celebrations are on the calendar for the coming week and it starts today the 21th with Babbling Day. This not a day to stay silent. It’s a day to celebrate those that have the gift-of-gab. It is also Count Your Buttons Day. Don’t count buttons that are at…
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up
It was a week of upsets in college football as seven of the top 20 teams lost. #6 LSU fell to Ole Miss 27-24 as LSU’s QB threw 3 interceptions. #7 Texas A&M lost to #24 Auburn in a shootout 45-41. Unranked UCF scored 24 consecutive points to beat #8 Louisville 38-35.
Meteorite Pulled From Bottom of Russian Lake
More than 1,000 people were injured in Central Russia when a meteorite slammed into Lake Chebarkul in February. A 10,000 ton rock burned up over Central Russia breaking windows and shaking building and now scientists have recovered what was left of the rock from the bottom of the lake.
The Flying Car Expected by 2015
The flying car always seemed like a thing of the future. By 2015, the future could be here.  A company called Terragugia is hoping to sell the first flying car, a hybrid car-plane named Transition. The Transition isn’t like a flying car we dreamed of as it is clumsy and hard to …

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