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Top Earning Dead Celebrities
Forbes Magazine released their top earning dead celebrities list for 2014. These are stars that have passed away but continue to make money from things like perfume with their name on it to tee shirts with their likeness.
Saturday Night Live Rattings Hit a New Low
Bill Hader, a longtime member of Saturday Night Live, until he left, came back to the show as host and things didn’t turn out well. The ratings for the show were the lowest SNL have ever had.
Crematoruim Fire Caused by 800 Pound Man
A crematorium in Richmond, Virginia caught fire one day last week. Of course they use fire at a crematorium to turn bodies into ash but in this instance workers were trying to cremate an oversize body that started the blaze.
Frankie Yankovic, ‘America’s Polka King’
He was born in 1915 in Davis, West Virginia, the only son of Andy and Rose Yankovic, and became known as ‘America’s Polka King’. Frankie Yankovic, who’s Father took to bootlegging and was getting close being caught moved the family to Collinwood,…
Girl Discovers Leech in Her Nose
Daniela Liverani of Edinburgh, Scotland went backpacking through Southwest Asia and returned home with a souvenir she didn’t want. She had a three inch leech in her nose and didn’t even know it.
Woman Marries Herself
After being single for six years and not being able to find someone, Grace Gelder of England is finally married…to herself. She didn’t even have to change her last name after marring herself in a ceremony where she wore a gown and veil.
Maine Couple Wife Carrying Champions
The North American Wife Carrying Championships were held on Saturday at Sunday River and a Maine couple won. Jesse Wall and Christina Arsenault can now compete in the World Championships in Finland.
Popular Halloween Costumes for 2014
The National Retail Federation has released the top Halloween costume survey for 2014. The survey is in line with sales from Spirit Halloween stores (where you can get tickets for the B98.5/Townsquare Media ‘Town of Terror). Also get them at townofterrormaine...
Adam Sandler Signs With Netflix
Netflix wants to get into the movie business in a big way and to the end they have signed Adam Sandler to four movie deal. The movies will be exclusively on Netflix and Sandler will star in and produce each film.
Water On Earth Billions of Years Old
Scientists say, the water we are drinking today, dates to more than 4.5 billion years ago. Water molecules that make up drinking water on Earth are older than the solar system.

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