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18 Year Old Girl Hits Million Dollar Lottery
How about this for a recent lottery winner! Jane Park, 18 years old from Edinburgh, England, won one and half million dollars in the lottery a year ago but not much has changed for her. Jane still lives at home with her Mother in a two bedroom apartment and still eats at McDonald’s.
Immigrants in Military Policy Expanded
A new Defense Department policy will allow undocumented immigrants to be part of the U.S. military. It will be a small number of aliens that will be allowed to join the service, and is an expansion on an existing program.
More Americans Over 90 Than Ever Before
Great news if you are getting older (aren’t we all), more Americans are living to the age of 90 than any other time in history. The first ever census number's on that age group were posted and shows 90 years or older have tripled since 1980.
Randy’s College Football Wrap Up Week 5
In week 5 of college football it looked, for a while, there was going to be a new number one team. In the end the #1 Florida State Seminoles do what number teams do, come from behind to win. With their 56-41 win over North Carolina State, FSU has the nation’s longest winning streak a…
Eight and a Half Months Pregnant and Bags a Moose
Ashley Switzer from Homer, Alaska, looked in her freezer and noticed there wasn’t any meat, so she decided what better way to get meat than to go hunting. It was early September and she was home alone because he husband was off working on a fishing boat about 130 miles away.
One Hit Wonders
September 25th is ‘One Hit Wonder’ day, a day to celebrate the artists that made it big, one time, and then could never match that kind of magic again. Here is a list of country artists and the songs that made them ‘One Hit Wonders’.
New High School Won’t Be Named Obama
A new elite high school in Chicago was to be named after President Barack Obama but that will not happen. Mayor Rahm Emanuel thought it would be a good idea but after on going complaints from African-Americans, they will look for another name.
Top Small Cities to Live In
Money magazine put out a list of the top small cities in the country to live. Populations had to be between 50,000 to 300,000 and they started with a pool of 781 cities. Many factors were considered including economy, housing market, schools and health care.
The Longer You Sleep, The Weirder Your Dreams
Everyone dreams and there are a lot of triggers that make people dream differently. Science has discovered the longer you sleep, the weirder your dreams become. As the night goes on, from early to late night, dreams become more bizarre.
5,000 Year Time Capsule Buried in New York
In 1938 at the site of the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, Westinghouse buried a 5,000 year time capsule. It is scheduled to be opened in the year 6963. It is located in the Westinghouse Pavilion of the fairgrounds in Queens, New York.

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