Randy McCoy

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Sold to Russians
Pabst Blue Ribbon beer that also makes Colt 45 and Old Milwaukee is being sold to Russian investors. The company was purchase in 2010 by Dean Metropoulos for only $250 million and he will make a nice profit on the sale. The Pabst Brewing Company will be sold for more than $700 million.
Sugar Rehab Centers Helps With Sugar Addiction
Sugar rehab facilities are starting to pop up around the country to help people off high sugar foods. Too much food with high sugar content, means gaining too much weight.  People coming off drugs tend to eat high-calorie, high sugar food.
Chimps Are Just Plain Mean
It has been thought that interaction with humans contributed to chimpanzees have a mean streak in them. A new study refutes that claim saying chimps are natural born killers and have a mean streak born in them.
Tough Games to Pick on the NFL Schedule This Week
If you making your Pro Football Pick Em on B98.5 there are some tough game on the schedule this week. Injuries make a big difference in games so here are some of the tougher picks and an injury report that may help you. The Thursday night game will be in the books so this won’t help …
Panama Tops the Global Well Being Poll
The Global Well Being poll came out and of 135 countries, Panama, came in at number one. The poll conducted in 2013 and released this week, looks at five things people feel about their lives. Sense of purpose, social connections, community, finances and physical vigor.
Body Odor and Politics
Sounds crazy but studies confirm people are more attracted to those with similar political beliefs because their body odors are similar. Volunteer arm-pit sniffers were asked to participate in a study with no prior knowledge of political views.
Dying of a Broken Heart is Possible
It has been said for years, ‘they died of a broken heart’, and that seems to be true. Studies done at John Hopkins Hospital call it ‘broken heart syndrome’ where a surge of hormones impairs the muscle in the heart to pump.

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