A Healthy Breakfast You Can Actually Afford!
You've seen the fitness magazines. They all give you these INCREDIBLE meals you can make that have few calories, is healthy and tastes good.  However, inorder to make them, it costs a FORTUNE! Take a look at the simplest breakfast you can make, that won't cost an arm and a leg!
Cooking For Guys – ‘New Year, New You’
Plenty of us have made that New Year's resolution to live healthier in 2013. We sign up for gym memberships and try to eat healthier. Here's another 'Cooking for Guys' to help you eat healthy in the New Year. This idea was actually came from a listener calling the request line.
Sharon Buck Made Texas Roadhouse Rolls
On Saturday night, Chad and I went out with our friends, Rick and Rita Turcotte for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Augusta. I thought it was going to be just another dinner.
But, oh my, I went home with a hankerin' for more of those delicious dinner rolls. So I found the recipe!
For a Little Family Fun in the Kitchen ‘You Can Eat Mice!’
I was looking for something fun to make with the kids and I found a cookbook that has a whole bunch of different cookies you can serve during the holiday seasons. Going through the 'Taste of Home Best Loved Cookies and Candies,' Anderson stopped me from turning past this page. These little…
Party Pancakes!
I may have had Veteran's Day off but that doesn't mean I wasn't hopping at home! It's not every day I get to stay home with my son, Anderson, and spend an ENTIRE day with him. But each day I do, I want to make it as special as possible!
He loves pancakes. He would eat them fo…
Mrs Fields Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars
I have had the ingredients for these for 2 weeks and I FINALLY got time make them! It's one of those that my family, who never asks me to cook, likes me to make!
If you like the combination of chocolate and peanut butter (think Reese's Peanut Butter Cups) then THIS is the dessert for you! I…
Mrs. Field’s Double Layer Brownies
Chad's FAVORITE dessert is brownies. The best cookbook I have found I bought about 5 years ago on a discount rack. The Mrs. Field's Best Cookie Book Ever! is my go to book for great recipes and there are 130 of them. So many little time!
Kit Kat M&M Cake is Chocolate Overload!
Could this get any more fun? My friend Christy used a picture of this cake as her Facebook banner. And right away I said "I need to make this!"
It is so simple a child could do it...and he literally did! I baked and frosted the cake, Anderson decorated it!
Mint Chocolate Pie [Sharon Buck’s Recipes]
I love the taste of mint. And, of course, chocolate! Put them both together and you have got yourself an incredible combination!
I love my Pampered Chef stoneware and try and find a chance to use it as much as possible.  So, with the rainy Sunday we had, I decided to brighten the house's sp…
Save Money…Bake Bread!
It's Fall. Time to get baking! And what better thing to bake than bread?
My brother, Ray, makes a great loaf of bread. Every year around Christmastime, he bakes loaves for family and friends. I know I love receiving mine! He deemed us worthy of his recipe. It's called

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