All French Fry Lovers Need To Check Out These 10 Poutine Recipes
While I was studying abroad in England I was able to witness some interesting differences in culture in relation to: potatoes. French fries are actually called chips and chips are called crisps. Other than that, they did not have any ranch dressing to dip the french fries in (none that tasted l…
What’s The One Local Food You Could Enjoy Daily?
'Tis the season for: Lobster! Lobster! Lobster! It's rare to come across a Mainer who isn't an avid seafood lover, but that was me until last 4th of July one fateful night up to camp with a family I was just getting to know and the only option for dinner...
Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
A few days ago a I handed Anderson the 'Mrs. Fields Best Cookie Book Ever' cookbook and told him to pick out something to make. I was hoping for chocolate chip cookies.
He wanted something a little more fancy. Mrs. Fields, why do you tempt us so?