Killer Autonomous Robots Under Discussion At U.N.
During a meeting of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, the discussion turned to ‘killer robots’. Considering killer drones have been used to kill thousands already, the UN believes the next step will be completely autonomous machines.
Chinese Restaurant Uses Robots to Serve and Cook Food
In China a restaurant has opened that is run by robots. There are 12 robots on the staff that cook and deliver food to the tables. They even have two robot hostesses’ that greet customers when they arrive. Each robot cost $6, 500 or the same as a year’s wage.
Many Believe Robots WIll Create More Jobs
The worry about the future is robots taking all our jobs. Most people now believe they will create more jobs. There are many robots doing the jobs humans used to do, assembly lines at auto manufactures, warehouses and even hospitals. These are line work jobs and usually boring and require heavy lift…
The 10 Best Robots in Pop Culture
Sadly, Matt Groening's long-running cartoon 'Futurama' was canceled earlier this week after seven seasons and 140 episodes on two different networks. Yes, we'll miss Fry, Leela and the rest of the crew, but we'll miss Bender, the acerbic, cigar-chomping robot, the most. But it's not all bad news -- …

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