The First Kiss More Memorable Than First Sex
According to psychologists a first kiss is more memorable than the first sexual encounter. Up to 90% of people can remember their first romantic kiss because the lips are sensitive. It also activates feelings of closeness and arouses the brains love chemicals.
Sharon’s Embarrassing Moment at Rite Aid’s Website
It was a regular night. Chad and I were sitting on the couch watching the Olympics after we did the P90X Ab Ripper Workout. He mentioned that he was out of GNC Pro Performance AMP Wheybolic Protein Extreme. It helps him build muscle. He works out a lot.
So, I remembered that Rite Aid has an entire GN…
Would YOU Send This Card?
I had to stop at KMart this morning for a few things and I wanted to get Chad a card that said I love you. What I DIDN'T expect was finding THIS!!!
Mainers are Fairly Happy with Their ‘Private Health’
Maine ranks sixth in the nation in 'sexual health.' In fact, the northeast U.S. seems happy on this front. The Northeast did well, with Vermont at the top of the list. Connecticut was second and New Hampshire third. Mississippi ranked the worst in sexual health.