Sharon Buck

Soldiers Come Home
If you haven't seen the video circulating the need to.
And grab some tissues.
It's a compilation of the many soldiers coming home and surprising their families.
If you don't feel're not American.
What Does 200 Calories Look Like?
For those of you still on your New Year's resolution to lose weight, this is pretty cool to watch.
Have you ever wondered what 200 calories looks like?
In this video you can see the difference!
Man Makes $5 Wager on Jeopardy! Watch What Happens Next!
My family is like clockwork on the couch at 7pm. We all watch 'Wheel of Fortune' together. I'm actually signed up as a 'Wheel Watcher'! Then we get ready for some 'Jeopardy'!
Exciting, right?
Anywho...the returning champion, Artrhur, made a crazy wager. Even Alex Tre…
You Could Be in a Movie Here in Maine!
We had Damian Veilleux talking about MURDER in our studio yesterday and were we excited!
You see, he and his crew at Catharsis Media are on the verge of filming a dramatic movie right here in Maine and he's going to need YOUR help in a couple of ways!
Want to see yourself on the BIG SCREEN? It co…
Professionally Publish Your Family Cookbook for $10!
If you're a lucky woman like I am, you have a man who likes your cooking. Sometimes, you make something that they are like "We need to have this every week!" It makes you feel good. Chad does that to me and every time he does, I'm ecstatic!
But SOMETIMES, a man needs his M…

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