Sharon Buck

16 Year Old Sounds JUST LIKE ELVIS!
I didn't believe it til I heard it myself!
Check out this 16 year old boy, David Thibault, who is the BEST young Elvis Presley impersonator I have ever heard! He sings 'Blue Christmas'!
Sharon Remembers the True Meaning of Christmas
Each year I watch the Charlie Brown Christmas special for the same scene. It makes me tear up to hear what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is all about from the mouth of the animated character of Linus, Charlie Brown's best friend.
When Charlie Brown asks if anyone knows what Christmas is all about, th…
Sharon Took Your AdviceTo Get Better!
When I had posted on Facebook I had a terrible cold you all came to the rescue! You all had different ideas and home remedies that could make me feel better.
Well, I did ONE of the things that you suggested and I think it worked!
A New Way to Chop Wood…INGENIOUS!
I saw this on YouTube yesterday and I think it's a terrific way to get your kindling! It's probably been done for years but it is STILL cool!
Have you seen this yet?
Check it out!
If You Love Karaoke…You’ll Love SingSnap!
Oh yes...I think I have gone to karaoke heaven! SINGSNAP is awesome!
Ya'll know I love to sing and this a great site for singing your favorite songs from the comfort of your own home!
All you need is a computer and a microphone! Check this out!

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