Sharon Buck

It’s November…Be Thankful Everyday
I know you've seen other friends on Facebook doing it. Why not you?
Believe it or not, taking everyday to say what you're thankful for in the month of November has positive benefits for you.
Maine Deer Hunting Season Starts Nov. 2!
You've been waiting all year for this! This week, you've been cleaning your gun, finding your heat packets for your boots and hands, siting your rifle, heading to Hussey's to buy ammunition, dousing things with 'deer in heat' scents...
You're a hunter.
And proud of it!
Sharon Experienced Ghosts!
It's Halloween! BOOOOOOOOOOO!
I know alot of people who have close encounters with the other side. I thought I might share a few stories of my own because I believe in ghosts!
Some experiences have been creepy...some I took in stride.
See for yourself!
Ellen Sends Staff Through Haunted House
I've watched these for the past 4 years. Ellen Degeneres loves Halloween and when she sends her staff on all those crazy adventures it makes for great tv.
Have you watched it yet?
Andy and Amy are hilarious!

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