Sharon Buck

Damariscotta Beautiful at Pumpkinfest
If you've never been to the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest, you missed out again this year! It was so much fun!
You need to watch the giant pumpkins that have been carved out to become boats! The races always come down to the wire! And when Larry and Don yell "Ready? Set? Get Wet!" the paddlers d…
Anderson’s Act of Kindness Rewarded
Yesterday, we went shopping at Walmart in Waterville to get just a few things. This was around 4:45. The parking lot was light in cars so we thought we would have a quick trip in and out.
That was not the case.
Unfortunately, a trip that would have taken a half hour took an hour and and 45 minutes! BU…
Sharon’s Present Finally Came!
My birthday was Sunday and I told Chad I didn't need anything for my birthday but cake and family. And that's exactly what I got...and a couple other things.
But the final gift didn't come until yesterday. And I am so glad it did!
Stories Written at Sharon’s Home
The kids are really going to town on their story books. They get more and more creative with each one.
I will decipher them for you because, well, Jayden is only 6 and Anderson is 7. They have come along way with their spelling! Just a year ago, Jayden could barely read so for her to be writing these…
Matt Lauer in Creepy New Ad for
I like to watch the Today Show when I have a morning off of the Morning Buzz. I have seen Matt Lauer on there for years. He's, personally, not one of my favorites but he delivers the news.
Last night, I was watching TV and he was in a CREEPY ad!! I didn't understand what was going on til th…
Awesome Kid Costume for Halloween!
I know Transformers are so 2009...but after seeing this costume, they are still cool!
This kid has Heelys on for sneakers and a Bumblebee costume from Transformers. Tell me he isn't the coolest kid in town?
Sharon Got Lost…REALLY Lost!
You know sometimes when you hear of a SHORTCUT, you THINK you remember how it goes. But if you get ONE thing wrong, it can lead to disaster?
That's what happened to me Friday. And, boy, did it get me lost. Real lost.

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