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Teens: Be Careful! Your Teacher Reads Your Tweets!
Modern media is pretty simple to understand.
The problem is teenagers don't think older people, like their teachers, can learn or use things like Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.
But....yes. Yes, we can!
And we LOOOOOVE reading what you write about us!
Sharon and Chad’s Wedding Cake Has Been Selected!
It's only 96 days away and while at dinner Saturday night, Chad asked me what else we needed to do for the wedding.
It's great to have a fiance willing to help with a wedding!
Well, we still have a lot to do. At least we have decided on a cake!
Sharon Has a New Family Member!
Anderson had a big question to ask us on the way home from Nama and Grandpa's yesterday.
"Mama, can we please stop at Petco and get me a hamster? Bradley and Jayden have one. I'd like one, too!"
Chad and I looked at each other.
Here we go....
Country Singer/Songwriter Skip Ewing Turns 50
You have ALL heard his songs. Maybe you even still own his albums.
Skip Ewing, one of the most well known songwriters in country music history is having a birthday today.
He is my absolute FAVORITE writer. I can recognize a song written by him with only hearing it once. When I hear a song I can say &q…
Dog Watches Dog That Watches Dog Movie…HUH?
This was so cute! There is a Golden Retriever named Molly that has become an YouTube sensation because she was watching the Disney movie 'Air Buddies'. It's a movie about Golden Retriever puppies. She is FASCINATED by it!
But what is so funny, is ANOTHER Golden Retriever that is fascin…
Sharon Tweets with ‘Diggers’ Tim ‘Ringy’ Saylor
Chad, the kids and I insert a half hour family time by watching 'Diggers'. The show features two men who have metal detectors and search for buried treasure! And these treasures, no matter how small, mean so much to them.
The kids love it when KG 'King George' Wyant and Tim 'Ringy' Saylor go wild ove…

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