Sharon Buck

Maine Resident Catches Fireball on Camera!!
It was overhead in Oxford County and Bruce York caught it all on camera!
Last week after seeing the object in the sky, he whipped out his cell phone (those things are so handy) and recorded the entire thing!
Have you seen the video...or did you ACTUALLY see it, too?
Sharon’s Parents On Valentine’s Day
It's the week of Valentine's and, of course, men are scrambling to find a card or a box of chocolate's, even diamonds, to give to their sweetheart. Women, well, we are ready with a homemade romantic dinner with candles we only bring out once a year. Maybe we'll slip into something more comfortable a…
Can Dog Find His Owner in Maze?
Talk about having fun with man's best friend!
This man digs a maze in his backyard just so he can play hide and seek with his dog!
It's either find his owner or be lost in the maze FOREVER!
Take a look!
Are YOU Missing Money? Find Out HERE!
Yesterday, I was thinking that I could use a little more money. That's when I remembered the old Oprah Winfrey episode when she gave all these people in the audience BIG checks of the money they had found online that they had no idea was owed to them.
Remember that one?
Well, I went to the websit…
Caption This Cat! Randy Already Did!
This my friend April Paul's cat, Max. Thanks for letting us use your photo, April! It's so funny! She snapped this picture this morning and I showed it to Randy. THIS was the caption Randy thought of:
Sharon Frustrated with Overseas Insurance Calls!
Everyone knows when I leave the studio at B98.5, I head home for lunch and it's off then to my second job. I work at Kennebec Behavioral Health as a Managed Care Coordinator Assistant.
My job is to call insurance companies to verify insurances on clients and obtain authorizations for them if they are…

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