No Snowmen in Saudi Arabia
This goes to prove how different thing are in different parts of the world. With an unusual amount of snow in the highland areas of Saudi Arabia people want to go out and have fun. Unfortunately for them, that fun will have to exclude building a snowman. According to a prominent cleric, Islamic teac…
Chad Hood Makes New Snow Creation!
When Chad told me he was going to create something new with snow I couldn't wait!
He said he would take Anderson outside yesterday and build a new snow sculpture.
He has made others in the past but this was so awesome to have it built in our yard!
Make Something Great With Snow!
Snow is coming! Snow is coming!! Did you hear?? SNOW IS COMING!!!
Get ready, kids, for the chance of a lifetime!! You, that's right, YOU could actually go outside and PLAY!  And when you have the opportunity to make a snowman. Don't make just any old snowman...USE YOUR IMAGINATION…