Does This Chunk Of Ice Look Like Maine To You? [PICS]
Yesterda a great day to be outside. It was warm, the sun was shinning, it finally feels like spring in Maine.
I spent most of the day grilling and breaking up ice from my deck when one particular piece caught my eye. As I chipped away at the ice this piece broke off and I couldn't help but think…
How to Dispose of Paint in Maine
Now that spring is here it’s time to get some of those things on your ‘honey do list’ done. Spring and summer are the most popular time to paint in Maine and Maine environmental officials would like you to do three things when you buy paint.
Spring is the Season for the Sweet Smell of Skunk
You may have noticed, like I have, the sweet smell of skunk in the air.  Can there be a worse smell in all of nature? This is season in Maine for skunks to be on the prowl. During late winter they mate and by April or May they are caring for their young and looking for food.
It Must Be Spring!
It’s spring! Doesn’t feel like it with the cold and wind but looking at the calendar, it is. Some signs of spring, my left eye and nostril are running with my spring allergies, so it must be spring.
Events Coming in March
There are a couple of events coming right up for us on the calendar in March. This Sunday, March 8th is Day Light Savings Time. It’s when we spring forward, so you move the clocks ahead an hour.

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