Dog Stuck On Fence For Days Is Comforted By Another Dog
They say that a dog is a man's best friend. This story also shows how loyal dogs are to one another. It's the story of Athena and Zeus.
Athena tried to jump over a fence but her back foot got caught on one of the barbs.
She dangled there for two days with her friend, Zeus, by her side.
Woman Gets Stuck in Quicksand
When 78 year old women failed to show to a library event her friends began to worry, so they decide to look for her. They found her, stuck in quicksand at Arches National Park. She had been stuck for 14 hours.
Photo Op Couldn’t Have Turned Out Worse
In an effort to get a one of kind photo, an American exchange student got stuck in giant marble vagina. The sculpture is at Tuebingen University in southwest Germany and is called Chacan-Pi which means making love.
Sharon Stuck in Snowstorm in Fairfield, Maine
Waking up early and noticing you can't see out the bedroom window is NOT a good sign.
Walking down the stairs and seeing 3 inches of snow on the ground and knowing you have to clean off the car...not fun.
But getting stuck in a's awful!
Girl Gets Tongue Stuck to a Flagpole
Just like in the movie ‘A Christmas Story’, 12 year old Maddie Gilmartin of East Kingston, New Hampshire got her tongue stuck to a flagpole. She was helping her father clear snow during a recent storm and wondered what would happen if she stuck her tongue to the pole. She never…