Super Bowl

Facts About ‘Flushing’ During the Big Game
There has been an urban legend for years that sewage systems in major cities have broken, due to so many people flushing their toilets at half-time of the Big Game. The facts are, there has never been a city’s sewage system overloaded during the game.
What Does Seattle Think About Deflate-Gate?
So what do the Seattle Seahawks think about deflate-gate? Not much. They say they are not concerning themselves with all the controversy. They know it is a distraction for the Patriots because that’s all the media wants to talk about.
Funny Bets for Super Bowl 49
With the big game coming on February 1 there will be a lot of betting going on. From Las Vegas to office polls, people will put a little money down on who will win the game. The game is not the only thing you can bet on though.
Tired of Hearing About Deflate-Gate
I am so tired of hearing about ‘deflate-gate’. Why is it all season everyone was predicting the Patriots will be the team to beat in the AFC, and then when they win the AFC, everyone has to find a flaw in it? The Pats didn’t need to deflate a football to beat th…
EA Sports Madden NFL Predicts Broncos to Win Super Bowl
It seems the outcome of the Super Bowl has already been determined even though the game hasn’t been played on the field. It has been played by EA Sports and Madden NFL 25 in a simulation that has the game going into overtime with Denver beating Seattle 31-28.

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