O.K. Guys, Mansplaining is a No No
Mansplaining’ has become such a big problem in Sweden a telephone hotline has been set up to report instances of this terrible, terrible issue. What is ‘mansplaining’?
Recall Record for Swedish Automaker
When most auto companies have a recall for safety problems its in the area of 40 million or so. Swedish automaker, Koenigsegg, has set a new record for recalls, one car. They are recalling only one car setting a record for recalls.
Swedish School Considers Banning Homework
Summer vacation means no more school but even more appealing to kids, no more homework. The small town of Hallstahammars, Sweden is considering banning homework completely.  Leena Millberg, the head of schools in the town says government officials are investigating the proposal.
New Shower Recycles Water to Cut Water Usage up to 80%
The astronauts do it so why not us? They recycle their water when they are on the International Space Station. Swedish industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has devised a way to recycle shower water that will save water consumption as much as 80%. To top it off, taking a shower will use only 5 liter…
One Time in History There Was a February 30th
February is the month on our calendar that has 29 days except during a leap year when there are 28. There was a time in history that there was a February 30th! It happened only once and it was in Sweden and Finland in 1712. At that time there were two different calendars in use, ‘the Julian ca…