Portland Jetport to Conduct Disaster Training on Saturday
Things should be busier than usual around the Portland International Jetport on Saturday. PWM will be hosting a full scale exercise with emergency personnel from 7am-1pm. Smoke and Emergency Vehicles will be visible, so don't panic if you see them during this time...
Goats No Longer Used in Military Training
It may be hard to believe that the U.S Army uses live goats for training, but it is true. Thousands of goats have been shot, stabbed and blown up for training in combat situations at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, home of the 82nd airborne.
Get Fit Fridays with the KVYMCA
This is the fourth time we have partnered with the KVYMCA with their 'Lose It With the Y' program. It's the end of the third week and today is our third weigh-in. Our trainer Alicia Rice is amazing! Not only does she come up with something different every week for us to do, but she does it with a sm…