QVC Host Faints On-Air
'Sunday's With Caroyln and Dan' on the QVC shopping channel was more memorable than normal this past weekend when co-host Cassie Slane fainted while on air. Cassie and her co-host Dan Hughes were selling kids' computer tablets.
Watch the 1994 Trailer for ‘Looper’
Thanks to some clever editing by Screen Junkies, 'Looper' is now a remake of a 1994 Disney movie with the same stars. They spliced together footage from Bruce Willis movie 'The Kid' and JGL's 'Angels in the Outfield' to make a movie with a plot not unlike that of &…
Celebrity Splash Coming to ABC
Reality T.V. shows are about to become all wet. ABC has picked up a new show called 'Celebrity Splash.' It’s a diving competition between celebrities who will be trained by professional dive instructors. The show is a huge hit in the Netherlands and has been bought in France, the United Kingdom, Aus…

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