Twinkies Closing Illinois Plant
Remember all the protests when Twinkies were taken off the market because the company that owned them was going out of business. Twinkies made a comeback but Hostess will be closing the bakery in Schiller Park, Illinois.
I Finally Found Twinkies!
I am a simple man, the littlest things make me happy. Such is the case when the news that Twinkies and all of the Hostess snack cakes were coming back to the store shelves. The big return was on July 15th and my search for a box of Twinkies began during my vacation one week later.
Hostess In Talks To Sell Bread Brands
According to the Wall Street Journal, Hostess brands Inc. could be announcing as early next week that Flowers Foods and Bimbo are in discussions to acquire the Hostess bread brands, which include Wonder Bread and Nature's Pride.
There Is a Petition for Obama to Nationalize Twinkies
When the US auto industry was in jeopardy four years ago President Obama stepped in with a bailout package. Now it's the American junk food industry that's in peril, with Hostess Brands closing up shop and heading for liquidation, and some want Obama to take an even more drastic step.
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