Hey Maine: Here’s Some Country News
When Season 5 of Nashville premieres on CMT Will Chase who plays Luke Wheeler will not be on the show. Chase is leaving the show to join the cast of Time After Time a new drama on ABC.
Maine’s Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Is…..?
Twitter research between March 1 and May 18 of this year, mapped out all fifty states and which ice cream flavors each state tweets about the most. Overall, more than 30 million tweets about ice cream were sent out during that time frame.
New App Helps You Avoid People
There is new app called ‘Split’ it helps users avoid people. People you don’t want to see, run into to or just avoid altogether. Most social networks are for connecting, this one is for disconnecting. Fairly simple how it works:
Teens: Be Careful! Your Teacher Reads Your Tweets!
Modern media is pretty simple to understand.
The problem is teenagers don't think older people, like their teachers, can learn or use things like Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat.
But....yes. Yes, we can!
And we LOOOOOVE reading what you write about us!

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