Five Country Songs/Videos To Honor Our Veterans
The election is over (finally) and Friday is Veterans Day.
With all the hate in this never ending political war in the US, it is time to show some love and thank a US veteran for their service to this country.
Country music has always been the soundtrack for our men and women who serve, as country sta…
Togus VA Rings In 150th Anniversary This November
Togus VA in Chelsea, Maine is celebrating its 150th anniversary come November! Togus has not only been around for 150 years, but was actually the nation's first Veterans Home ever established. According to Maine's VA history, Togus admitted their very first veteran on N…
Togus VA to Hold VA2K For Homeless Vets
Susie Wittington who works for Togas VA was my guest host on the Morning Buzz while Sarah Dyer was on medical leave and she told me about a great event coming to Togas. It’s a VA2K for the Homeless Veteran Program.

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