Its O.K. to Pee in Ocean
Something people have been doing for years just got conformation from the American Chemical Society, its O.K. to pee in the ocean! They point out that urine is 95% water and whatever else is in it doesn’t pose a threat to ocean life.
Randy’s BIG Splash at Funtown Splashtown
Had a huge amount of fun at Funtown Splashtown this weekend. We played in the water at the beginning of the day and then played on the rides in the evening. Some of my favorite water attractions were: Pirates Paradise, The Tornado, Triton's Twist and Poseidon's Plunge.
Man Hold Breath Underwater for 22 Minutes
A New world record was set for holding breath under water at 22 minutes. Seems impossible for a human to hold their breath that long, but Stig Severinson did and beat his previous record of 20 minutes, 10 seconds.
Ooho, the Edible Water
With the worry on the planet about the ever increasing number of plastic water bottles, three students in London have designed the ‘edible’ water bottle. It’s called ‘Ooho’ and it’s easy and cheap to make, strong, biodegrada…
Sharon Flavors Yucky Station Water
There's a reason why we all drink bottled water here at the station. The taste of the water from here is truly disgusting.
I mean gross!
At times I forget to bring my filtered water from home so I have to be creative. And this helps!
NASA Says the Human Body Not Built for Space Travel
In science fiction movies, man travels through space with no problem, hopping from universe to universe, but the reality is, man was not built to travel through space. NASA says there are many problems the human body goes through in space; many they still haven’t been able to solve.
New Shower Recycles Water to Cut Water Usage up to 80%
The astronauts do it so why not us? They recycle their water when they are on the International Space Station. Swedish industrial designer Mehrdad Mahdjoubi has devised a way to recycle shower water that will save water consumption as much as 80%. To top it off, taking a shower will use only 5 liter…

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