Sharon Planning Honeymoon!
It's 145 days til the big day...but who's counting?
When thinking about the different places we wanted to go for our honeymoon, Chad and I thought REALLY big and said England.
Then we thought about what we could actually AFFORD and he, being the most awesome man on the planet, said …
Wandy’s Wacky World of Weird News
At a minor league baseball game with the New Britain Rock Cats it was all set: David was going to ask Jessica to marry him in front of the crowd. He was ready to spend the rest of his life with her.
Should Sharon Toss Her Bouquet Like THIS? [POLL]
I'm all for having fun at my upcoming wedding to Chad. We want to have a quick ceremony, maybe a half hour of pictures and then dig right into the food! Hey, we like to eat...
But there are traditions that have to be dealt with: the cake cutting, first dance and, to some men and women, the tossing of…
Couple Meet and Marry at Wal Mart
Love was found at Wal Mart and it made sense to get married in the store and that’s exactly what Wayne Brandenburg and Susan, his wife, did. Susan worked as a cashier and gone through a tough divorce, Wayne’s wife had passed away and he spent time shopping at the Nort…
Sharon And Chad Are Engaged!
It's been just over a year and a half since I received his first text. A simple one saying that he and his band wanted to adopt a family for our B98.5 Salvation Army Christmas Castle.
Little did I know that one text would potentially lead to a lifetime together.
Denny’s Restaurant in Las Vegas Builds Wedding Chapel
Denny’s Restaurant in Las Vegas built a wedding chapel in the middle of their dining area and the first couple to be married there were Nancy Levandowski and Steven Keller. They have been fans of Denny’s for 35 years and when it came time to tie they knew they couldn&…
Best Wedding Proposal!
You may have seen the BEST Wedding Proposal on YouTube. It has over 19,000,000 views!
She DID say yes....
But do you know what happened AFTER?
Homeless Shelter Wedding
There will be a celebration of holy matrimony this Saturday at the Hope Haven Gospel Mission in Lewiston this Saturday. Both David and Jessica were once homeless and not only found shelter at Hope Haven, they found each other.
First Year of Marriage the Hardest
According to a new study in Australia, the first year of marriage is the most difficult for new couples to get through. The study by Deakin University’s 'Australian Centre on Quality of Life' measured the happiness of 2000 people and found couples in their first year of marriage rated it very low at…

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